The 08th Cooperative

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Welcome to the 08th Magitek Cooperative!

The 08th Magitek Cooperative is an informal 08th Magitek Team initiative to distribute the FC's resources back to its members, while also providing a guide for those who want to help grow the FC's resources. FC members of all levels of experience and activity can enjoy cooperative benefits, and there is no required amount of contribution. But if you've ever asked "how can I help?" and found that there was no centralized place to look for information, this guide is for you.

Our current projects are Thavnairian onion farming, ship building and maintainence, and maintaining FC buffs. However, feel free to suggest any project that interests you.

Onions FAQ

What are Thavnairian Onions and does my chocobo need one?


Can I water the plants at the FC house? Will they die?

Company Ships

Not just for interrupting your serious cutscenes

FC Buffs

How to craft, buy, and deploy 'em